MapGuide Open Source 1.0.2 Release Notes

The MapGuide team is proud to announce the release of MapGuide Open Source 1.0.2. This release contains a significant number of bug fixes. All MapGuide Open Source users are encouraged to upgrade to this release. This release is fully compatible with resources created using the previous MapGuide Open Source 1.0.x releases. If you uninstall the previous1.0.x release and then install this one in the same location your existing Resource Database will be preserved.

This release is compatible with FDO 3.1.0 R071.

The following table includes a complete list of bug fixes and enhancements in this release.

Artifact ID Summary
MG313 Update WMS support
MG315 Remove provider version workaround
MG316 Update providers.xml file to match FDO R050
MG318 Update to use FDO 3.1.0
MG321 GetSchemaMapping API does not include "Default" spatial context in returned XML
MG324 webstudio: IE displays XML error and JS error in upload data
MG328 webstudio: cannot save new layer
MG330 webstudio: select resource dialog double-click not working
MG331 Site/Support Server Communications stability
MG332 MgUnclassifiedException error occurs when the name of the layers in DWF has double-byte characters
MG335 Server Tile Service unit tests failed on Windows 2003 dual core CPU
MG346 SelectFeatures on computed field causes MgUnclassifiedException
MG350 Two bugs with expressions for point symbols
MG351 Performance Improvement: Add Feature Service caching
MG352 SelectAggregates in server is inefficient
MG353 WMS Calls to MapGuide Open fail with 1.0.1
MG354 Feature Labels are not displayed when MS Gothic is choosed as the label's font
MG355 Makefile in Server/src/Core needs to be updated for FDO 3.1
MG356 [Web Studio] config.xml contains invalid server reference
MG359 Long running requests cause Linux Server to exit after MapAgent bails
MG361 Correct some out of sync test vectors for the web unit tests.
MG364 Server throws MgDateTimeException when enumerating versions (long transactions)
MG368 Server reports negative operation times occasionally
MG370 Limit symbol size to avoid rendering problems
MG372 Server does not exit cleanly when exception occurs during startup
MG375 WMS and WFS servers both fail requests with an authentication error
MG376 Point reference not correctly read when OS uses "," for decimal
MG382 Site Administrator - Manage Packages - Next Button issue
MG384 Performance Improvement: Add FDO connection pooling
MG386 Typos in viewer template
MG388 MapAgent does not exit cleanly when aborted by FastCGI
MG389 Server does not log errors for layers that fail to be stylized
MG390 Spatial context association of the geometry property not being used (ODBC points not being reprojected)
MG395 AJAX Viewer launches EN help instead of localized help
MG396 Logos are not displayed on a page created by Print tool in Web Layout and in Preview in a browser (using DWF viewer)
MG397 Update GetSpatialContext API to set OGC WKT for FDO WFS/WMS provider spatial contexts
MG398 WMS GetFeature doesn't support SRS parameter (only CRS)
MG399 GetSpatialContexts returning NULL extent
MG401 Update web tier test pages
MG404 AJAX Viewer .NET Version - Measure command fails on French OS
MG406 Identity properties are not being retrieved correctly which leads to all features being selected when using the AJAX viewer
MG407 Connection pooling causes joins to fail
MG408 Security: Web Admin vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks
MG413 [WebStudio] MapDefinition CoordinateSystem not saved and intially invalid
MG423 MgFeatureService::ExecuteSqlQuery(...) does not return the GEOMETRY information