MapGuide Open Source 1.1.0 Release Notes

This release is fully compatible with resources created using the previous MapGuide Open Source 1.0.x releases. If you uninstall the previous1.0.x release and then install this one in the same location your existing Resource Database will be preserved.

This release is compatible with FDO 3.2.0.

New Features

This section lists the notable new features in this release.

FDO 3.2

MapGuide Open Source now supports providers that use the FDO 3.2 API. The open source FDO 3.2 providers are available from

Direct KML support

This feature allows layers defined in MapGuide to be displayed as layers in Google Earth. See MapGuide Open Source RFC 4 for details.

Enhanced Long Transaction Support

The FeatureService API now provides a method to change the long transaction name associated with a feature source for the caller's session.

.NET support

The collection classes now support indexing using [] and the foreach operation.

Classes now have properties where appropriate.

API Changes


The MgByteReader class has new constructors and methods to make it more useful. MgByteReaders can now be created on a file, string or bytes. There is also a ToFile method to write the contents of the reader to a file, and methods to rewind the reader.

New Base classes

MgLayer, MgMap and MgSelection now have new superclasses; they are respectively MgLayerBase, MgMapBase and MgSelectionBase. No new methods have been added by this refactoring, but the methods are now distributed between the subclass and superclass. For .NET or Java applications, if the following APIs are used then casts will need to be done:

When using

the returned object has type MgLayerBase. This object can always be safely cast to a MgLayer object.

For example,
MgLayer myLayer = myCollection.GetItem(i);

needs to be changed to
MgLayer myLayer = myCollection.GetItem(i) as MgLayer; // for .NET
MgLayer myLayer = (MgLayer)myCollection.GetItem(i); // for Java

When using

the returned object has type MgMapBase. This object can always be safely cast to a MgMap object.

Note that where a MgMapBase, MgLayerBase or MgSelectionBase is the type of a parameter to a method, the respective objects of type MgMap, MgLayer and MgSelection can be used in their place.


Compile error with FDO GenericRdms Unit test on Fedora Core 4

On Fedora Core 4, you will get an error when compiling FdoInsertTest.cpp:
OpenSource_FDO/Providers/GenericRdbms/Src/UnitTest/Common/FdoInsertTest.cpp:1492: error: integer constant is too large for 'long' type

To resolve this error, add LL to the end of line 1492 so that it becomes:
return (FdoInt64) 9223372036854775807LL;

Compile error with regex_traits.hpp on Fedora Core 6

On Fedora Core 6, in file OpenSource_FDO/Thirdparty/boost_1_32_0/boost/regex/v4/regex_traits.hpp, change lines 320 to 322 to the following (removes two occurrences of <regex_wchar_type>):

{ init(); }


The following table lists the changes submitted to this release since MapGuide Open source 1.0.2.

Artifact ID Component Summary
MG249 Web WMS 1.1.1 Compliance Updates Part 5
MG314 Server Site/Support server communications are broken
MG317 Server TakeOffline API does not unregister server services accordingly
MG338 Web (.NET) Support custom SWIG wrappers for .Net
MG339 Server Fix gcc 4.1 build errors
MG342 Server, Web Update to use FDO 3.2
MG343 Server, Web Refactor Common Service code base to facilitate use in other applications
MG349 Ajax Viewer AJAX Viewer does not display multi-line labels
MG357 Server, Web Additional Platform API Refactoring Fixes
MG358 Server, Web Additional Platform API work
MG360 Server Initialize member variables in MdfParser
MG362 Server Typo in JPEG default output quality
MG363 Server, Web Direct KML Support in MapGuide
MG365 Server, Web MapGuideCommon initial submission
MG366 Web Fix WebTier Unit Tests
MG367 Server, Web Port MapGuide to Platform API codebase
MG369 Server, Web Move encryption from Foundation library to MapGuideCommon
MG371 Server, Web Add resources to Platform libraries, fix Sqlite compilation
MG373 Server Add support for FeatureSource object model and parser
MG374 Server Fix a build problem introduced for Linux in MG373
MG377 Server, Web Port MapGuide to Platform API code base on Linux
MG379 Server, Web Add lock/unlock supports in Feature Service
MG380 Server Incorrect member management for MdfModel's Grid classes
MG383 Build add the ability to choose coordinate system for Common/Geometry project
MG385 Server Fix: Allow MdfParser to serialize without indentation
MG387 Web C# autogenerated properties, regression fixes for Platform code
MG391 Web Ajax Java Viewer does not behave correctly after Platform code refactoring
MG393 Server Add Metadata functions to resource service
MG394 Build Some existing Gws files not included in Visual Studio project files
MG402 Web Enhance .Net API mapping to support .Net IList<T> semantics
MG403 Web Add tags for SWIG generation of automatic .NET properties for Platform API
MG405 Server, Web Usability enhancements for MgByteReader
MG411 Web Allow negative buffer offsets
MG414 Web AJAX and DWF viewer - map size in status bar does not update
MG415 Web Studio Preview refresh not working
MG416 Server, Web Fix some minor memory leaks
MG417 Web Studio Initialize Map Extents from Layer Extents
MG418 Web Buffering using large setbacks generates exceptions
MG421 Server, Web Minor Maps/Layers and ResourceService API cleanup
MG424 Server Add "|" delimiter to AttributeRelate, add primary Join name to RelateProperty
MG427 Server, Web Coordinate system improvements
MG430 Server Labels for point symbols with off-center insertion point draw wrong
MG431 Web Studio WebStudio: LineWidth set to incorrect expression for SLD point symbols
MG432 Ajax viewer Select on layer with join selects all objects
MG437 Server, Web Allow dynamic long transaction names
MG439 Web Add test pages for WMS and KML to Web Tier Test Pages
MG443 Server, Web Typecasting of MgCoordinate to derived classes fails
MG446 DWF Viewer DWF Viewer security
MG447 Server Non-uniformly scaled symbols don't draw at correct position in DWF Viewer
MG448 Build VCProj files for Web tier have hard-coded paths
MG449 Server Update config classes to include licensing information
MG452 Server MapGuide RFC 1 - Commandline Parameter Changes
MG466 Web Fix null pointer exception when enumerating long transactions
R1037 Web Fix MgIndexOutOfRangeException in Buffer code
R1042 Server, Web Changes to compile in Fedora Core 6
R1044 Server, Web Fix crashes in coordinate system APIs