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osm2pgrouting ignores ways

When importing OSM Data, osm2pgrouting igrnores ways, that ar tagged as highways AND as cycleways. It also igrnores ways that are tagged as highway with value "track" but that don't have tracktype information. Is that a bug?


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    With OSM data everybody is free to tag data as they like.

    You can make some changes in "mapconfig.xml" (http://pgrouting.postlbs.org/browser/tools/osm2pgrouting/trunk/mapconfig.xml) and add highway there with value "track". If this doesn't work then it is probably a bug.

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      There is e.g. this track:


      It is not written to the database when procesed by osm2pgrouting. I can't see what is wrong about that road. It has two usual tags and nothing further.


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        I'm not extremely familiar with this, but is "highway=track" a common way to attribute this type of road?

        Did you try to add something like

        <type name="highway" id="1">
          <class name="track" id="120" />

        to the configuration XML: http://pgrouting.postlbs.org/browser/tools/osm2pgrouting/trunk/mapconfig.xml#L3

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          I may have a similar problem to wullimann.

          I am using the latest revision of osm2pgrouting which has a mapconfig.xml file that includes these lines:

          <type name="cycleway" id="2">

          <class name="lane" id="201" /> <class name="track" id="202" /> <class name="opposite_lane" id="203" /> <class name="opposite" id="204" /> <class name="yes" id="205" />


          Those records are correctly included in the classes and types table when I run osm2pgrouting. However, the resulting ways table doesn't include any of these ways from the source .osm file I'm using.

          The mapconfig.xml file also includes: <type name="highway" id="1"> ...

          <class name="cycleway" id="130" />

          ... </type>

          These ways ARE correctly inserted in the ways table.

          All of the tracktype class ways from the standard mapconfig.xml file are also correctly inserted in the ways table... So it's just the cycleway class that is causing problems. Has anyone experienced this before?

          Thanks, Jordan

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            I just noticed ticket #208. Maybe this is the same problem. I'll test that patch and let you know...

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              As I just wrote in ticket #208, that patch doesn't fix this problem.