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FreeBSD installation notes

Here's how I managed to install pgrouting 1.0.3 on FreeBSD together with TSP and DD.

FreeBSD version: 8.1 (amd64)
PostgreSQL version: 9.0.1 (installed from FreeBSD ports)
PostGIS version: 1.5.1 (installed from FreeBSD ports)

Step 1. Install devel/cmake port if not already installed. I installed version 2.8.2.

Step 2. Install devel/boost-libs port if not already installed. I installed version 1.43.0

Step 3. Install (a modified) devel/gaul port. I installed version 0.1849.0_2.

pgRouting docs suggest installing gaul without slang support. So before you install the port, change the port Makefile, commenting out the LIB_DEPENDS line which pulls in libslang, and add a line to disable slang support:

#LIB_DEPENDS=    slang.2:${PORTSDIR}/devel/libslang2
CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --disable-slang

After installing gaul you need to modify one header file, otherwise you can't compile pgrouting later. In file /usr/local/include/gaul/gaul_util.h, add this line after line 177:

typedef short _Bool;

End result should look like:

175: #if HAVE__BOOL != 1
176: typedef short _Bool;
177: #endif
178: typedef short _Bool;

This is certainly not a proper fix, but it seems that for some reason _Bool is not getting defined on FreeBSD and this band-aid fix allows pgrouting compilation to succeed. Someone more versed in software development on FreeBSD can probably suggest a proper fix.

Step 4. Install the math/cgal port. I installed version 3.6.1. This pulls in a large chunk of

Step 5. Make some modifications to the source.

5.1. In following files:


you need to add a line '#include "catalog/pg_type.h"' after line '#include "executor/spi.h"'. This is probably only necessary with PostgreSQL 8.4 and newer.

5.2. In following files:


you need to change the path to include file property_map.hpp so the line reads like this:

#include <boost/property_map/property_map.hpp>

This is probably not necessary with older versions of boost-libs, but I'm not sure which version introduces the need for this change.

5.3 In file core/src/shooting_star_boost_wrapper.cpp you need to change the path to include file vector_property_map.hpp in a way not unlike the previous change:

#include <boost/property_map/vector_property_map.hpp>

5.4 In file CMakeLists.txt, you need to add "-frounding-math" to variables CMAKE_C_FLAGS and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS, otherwise you'll run into problems later when trying to add DD functions to the database. The end result should look like this:

SET(CMAKE_C_FLAGS "-O2 -g -frounding-math")
SET(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "-O2 -g -frounding-math")

This change is probably only necessary on 64bit systems, as discussed in ticket #204.

5.5 Also in CMakeLists.txt, you might want to change the variable SQL_INSTALL_PATH to point to /usr/local/share/postlbs instead of /usr/share/postlbs, since the former is more in line with FreeBSD's standard directory layout.

6. After making all these changes you can proceed to compile pgRouting and create a routing-enabled database as discussed in the installation manual.