Ticket #201 (new feature request)

Opened 7 months ago

FUNCTION point_to_id has schema hardcoded as public

Reported by: benmadin Owned by: somebody
Priority: minor Milestone: Version 1.1
Component: Dijkstra Version: 1.03
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The point_to_id function has the schema element hard-coded, which makes it unusable without re-writing and replacing the function where public is not the default schema for gis tables.

ie, I had to replace the function with :


    _srid := Find_SRID('gis','vertices_tmp','the_geom');


Might be useful to have an option / alternative where the assign_vertex_id function looks up the schema of the current table at the same time as it checks the srid, and passes that to the point_to_id function as the appropriate schema.

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