PHP page template (basics)

We will use a PHP script to make the routing query and send the result back to the web client.

The following steps are necessary:

  • Retrieve the start and end point coordinates.
  • Find the closest edge to start/end point.
  • Take either the start or end vertex of this edge (for Dijkstra/ A-Star) or the complete edge (Shooting-Star) as start of the route and end respectively.
  • Make the Shortest Path database query.
  • Transform the query result to XML and send it back to the web client.

  // Database connection settings
  define("PG_DB"  , "routing");
  define("PG_HOST", "localhost"); 
  define("PG_USER", "postgres");
  define("PG_PORT", "5432"); 
  define("TABLE",   "victoria"); 

  $counter = $pathlength = 0;

  // Retrieve start point
  $start = split(' ',$_REQUEST['startpoint']);
  $startPoint = array($start[0], $start[1]);
  // Retrieve end point
  $end = split(' ',$_REQUEST['finalpoint']);
  $endPoint = array($end[0], $end[1]);

  /* ... */

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