Select closest edge

Usually the start and end point, which we retrieved from the client, is not the start or end vertex of an edge. It is more convenient to look for the closest edge than for the closest vertex, because Shooting Star algorithm is “edge-based”. For “vertex-based” algorithms (Dijkstra, A-Star) we can choose arbitrary start or end of the selected edge.

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  // Find the nearest edge
  $startEdge = findNearestEdge($startPoint);
  $endEdge   = findNearestEdge($endPoint);

  // FUNCTION findNearestEdge
  function findNearestEdge($lonlat) {
    // Connect to database
    $con = pg_connect("dbname=".PG_DB." host=".PG_HOST." user=".PG_USER);
    $sql = "SELECT gid, source, target, the_geom, 
			 distance(the_geom, GeometryFromText(
                  'POINT(".$lonlat[0]." ".$lonlat[1].")', 54004)) AS dist 
            FROM ".TABLE."  
            WHERE the_geom && setsrid(
                         ".($lonlat[1]+200).")'::box3d, 54004) 
            ORDER BY dist LIMIT 1";

    $query = pg_query($con,$sql);  
    $edge['gid']      = pg_fetch_result($query, 0, 0);  
    $edge['source']   = pg_fetch_result($query, 0, 1);  
    $edge['target']   = pg_fetch_result($query, 0, 2);  
    $edge['the_geom'] = pg_fetch_result($query, 0, 3);  

    // Close database connection

    return $edge;

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