This manual needs some review!


WebRouting Service can be installed on any operating system (OS) with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 support or higher. Currently, we have only tested WebRouting Service under Linux environment. And for the client, you only need an application which is able to make POST or GET request to a server.



  • Any client that supports HTTP POST or GET requests

Get the source files

Checkout the project from the SVN repository:

svn checkout wrs

Installation (Linux)

From your WRS root directory simply run:


Then move the "jp" directory to the WRS root directory

mv bin/jp ./

Note: This service hasn't been tested under Windows yet.


Before you can start WebRouting Service you need to configure your services.

Server specific settings as well as available services are defined in configuration.xml. To see some example services look also look into configuration.xml.sample.

How to start

Now your WebRouting Service is ready to start type

./ help

This is the Webrouting Service startup script 

	./ {start|stop|restart|debug|list|help} [identifier]

	start		Start the service
	stop		Stop the service
	restart		Stop and immediately start the service again
	debug		Run the service in debug mode
			This will print log messages to the terminal window.
	list		List currently active process(es)
	help		Show the startup help

	identifier	Run the service as a distinct process.

If there is no error, your installation is OK and the WebRouting Service could start.


Otherwise there could one of these possibilities:

  • Your XML configuration file is wrong, in this case go back to "Configuration" step.
  • Your JRE is not correctly installed or the JAVA_HOME environment variable is not defined correctly.
  • The paths in file are wrong.